Mastercool 69300 Twin Turbo Refrigerant Recovery System Review

Hello everyone. Today we are going to take a look at a very affordable and high-quality option for refrigerant recovery – The Mastercool 69300 Twin Turbo Refrigerant Recovery System. The Mastercool 69300 provides a great intersection of quality, features and price point making it an excellent option for contractors and technicians who need solid performance at a relatively low cost.


The Mastercool 69300 is designed with an advanced dual-piston compressor that requires no oil. This feature alone greatly increases the convenience of the unit. It also has a high pressure safety switch to ensure that there is no damage to the Mastercool 69300 or the system you are working on. If the psi gets too high the unit will simply shut itself off. The 69300 also has a super fast recovery rate for its price class with the following rates: Direct vapor up to 0.526 lb/min, direct liquid up to 4.75 lb/min, and push-pull up to 11.68 lb/min. The Mastercool 69300 is also designed to work with all common refrigerants including R-410A. The unit’s casing is built from a durable injection-molded high-density polyethylene for increased rugged performance. Cap this is off with a very light total weight of around 23lbs and you have a powerhouse unit in a relatively small package. The internal structure of the 69300 is also quite simple so a knowledgeable technician should be able to service the unit in-field, drastically reducing downtime. Finally, it is available in both 115V and 220V versions so regardless of where you do business this unit will be compatible with your country’s electrical system.


Any thoughts on the benefits of having a light and portable recovery unit versus the older style and heavier units?

For more information about this exciting new unit and great pricing, follow this link.

Until next time.

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