JB Platinum Vacuum Pumps Review

  • Posted on: 9 March 2015
  • By: Sam

Today I will be discussing the Platinum Vacuum Pumps offered by JB Industries. JB Industries started in 1967 and has been proudly Made in the USA ever since. Like most companies, they were tempted to move manufacturing products overseas for the economic benefits, but eventually decided against it. Enough about JB, it’s time to discuss their flagship Vacuum Pump and its many features.

Product Details

First things first, the Platinum Series of Vacuum Pumps offered by JB Industries are backed by a 2 year warranty. This warranty shows their commitment to quality that gives this pump great value. The motor on these pumps are ½ Horsepower and have thermal overload protection. The pumps are 2 Stage Direct Drive that can achieve vacuums up to 15 microns.  The aluminum housing keeps the pump light weight and clocks in between 29-34 lbs depending on the model you choose. Vacuum pumps are normally rated by their CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) , which is how quickly it can evacuate a system. JB offers 5 different models which ratings of 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10 CFM. This covers most jobs that are seen in today’s HVAC market excluding large commercial / industrial systems. Also, JB offers all of their pumps with a Dual Voltage motor that uses a Std. US 220v Plug, as well as a European and United Kingdom version with specific plugs and motor specifications.

Bonus Features

Once you get past these basic details that are on every vacuum pump you start delving into the added features that begin separating pumps into different categories of quality. On the Platinum series pumps there are 4 features that put it into the upper echelon of pumps. These pumps features a blank off isolation valve that, as the name implies, isolates the pump from the system so you can find any leaks in the system. Another neat feature is the tethered safety cap that is attached to the handle. Most people are not always aware at first, but the lift handle acts as the exhaust for the motor. This becomes a problem only if the unit tips over either on accident or during transit if not properly secured. The oil from the unit will spill out and make a big mess. Most pumps have a cap but are commonly thrown away thinking they serve no purpose.  Also, a lift ring is attached to the handle. This is nice as you can loop a rope through it so you can safely keep both hands on a ladder as you climb to a rooftop to start work. The final bonus feature is how they protect the oil drain plug. On other pumps you will commonly find the drain plug sticking out from the unit. This can lead to breaks if the unit falls and lands on that protrusion, causing the pump to not operate and losing valuable work time. The JB Industries Platinum pump is embedded between two aluminum fins that protect it from these random mishaps.


A quick note about maintenance. JB Industries recommends changing the oil after every use. The reason for this is the oil is not only used as a lubricant for the motor and gears, but the oil is also where any contaminants from a dirty system will end up. These can lead to slower performance or failure depending on how dirty the system is. While the unit does come with a 2 year warranty, it is not uncommon for these to last in the field for many more years. A lot of this can be attributed to JB’s desire to make these units field repairable. They offer a complete list of replaceable parts for their pumps that allow you to make relatively inexpensive repairs to make sure your pump last.

Wrap Up

When considering a purchase of a new vacuum pump, it really should be more than just the lowest price that leads to a decision. A small investment in a quality pump will have a lasting effect on any business looking to grow. Having a pump you know you can depend on day to day will eliminate down time which leads to wasted man hours and loss of work.

For more information and great pricing on the JB Industries Platinum Vacuum pumps, please follow this link.

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